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10 Credit Repair Tips


  • 1)Review Your Credit History Often

Reviewing your report at least every six months or more often will keep you aware of changes that can hurt or help your credit rating and score. Keep your credit card balance low.

  • 2)   Balance vs. Credit 

Limit 25% = Good
75% = Bad

  • 3)   Late Payments and Errors
Identify which accounts have reported you as being 30,60 or 90 days late. Incorrect information can hurt your credit score.
  • 4)   Closed by Consumer
Identify accounts that have been closed by you that do not show as closed.

Closed by Credit = Bad
Closed by Consumer = Good

  • 5)   Personal Data, Name, Address, Employment,
Scrutinize all person data, including common variations of your name. Make sure every thing is correct.
  • 6)   Close Accounts You Don't Need
To many accounts opened are bad! Keep the ones with the high credit limits.
  • 7)   Collections and Public Records

Paying off these accounts does not change them from negative to positive.

  • 8)   Have someone include you as an assigner on their credit card account.

This will put all of their positive history on your credit report. Make sure they pay their bills on time. This is how the wealthy people do it.

Identity Theft

Get on a monthly monitoring program so you can get a warning if someone or something is going wrong with your credit report.

Live Within Your Means
Purchase only what you know you can repay within the shortest time possible.
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